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There are few sure things in life (other than death and taxes, as the old trope goes), but a bevy of beautiful handbags at a Louis Vuitton show is absolutely on that short list. The company makes no bones about the importance of leather goods to its business, and creative director Marc Jacobs always makes sure to put the best of the best on display for editors, buyers and LV fans alike. For Louis Vuitton Fall 2013,Louis Vuitton Luggage, that means a couple of Vuitton’s most classic shapes (think Speedy and Pochette Accessoires), done up in materials like fur, python, crocodile and feathers.Like Jacobs’ own show, the color palette was rich but muted, and a couple of the materials (particularly the snakeskins) seemed like perhaps they appeared on handbags in both lines. When it came to the bags, though,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, Vuitton kept things classic; the biggest leaps of the collection were fur-covered Speedy bags that looked like muffs, and although fur bags are difficult to pull off, the inherently amorphous shape of the Speedy freed up Jacobs to experiment with longer fur than a more structured bag would require. If you’re looking for something more traditional,Louis Vuitton Handbags, a python Speedy or soft crocodile fold-over quasi-Lockit are better bets. For me,Louis Vuitton Handbags, though, the most interesting bags of the collection were the feather-covered Pochettes Accessoires, which looked almost like they had been adorned with short locks of colorful hair.[Images via Style.com and TheCut]

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I’ve been a longtime Valentino fan, and since the brand hit handbag paydirt with its Rockstud collection, it’s been fun to watch how the accessories continue to evolve. When I first heard the news that the brand would release a camouflage collection, I immediately felt excitement. The first release of the Valentino Camouflage is a men’s collection, with women’s to follow. Tons of designers are sending camo down the runway for their Fall 2013 collections (like Michael Kors, for example) and it seems Valentino is ahead of the curve. True to the exquisite designs the house is known for, Valentino utilizes a famouglage technique that’s obtained from laser-cut leather,Louis Vuitton Shoes, which is then heat sealed and printed for an army effect. The final products are edgy and energizing, with a color palette ranging from green, camel, blue, black,louis vuitton outlet, grey and ivory with splashes of rust,Louis Vuitton Handbags, red and acid green.From small accessories to messenger-style bags to clothing, the array of items in the line offers something for the man in your life. I love a good camo piece, and seeing a brand known for refined, elegant styles adding a little spunk to its repertoire is always exciting. The big news is if you are in NYC,Louis Vuitton Handbags, you need to head to Jeffrey RIGHT now – the Camouflage Collaboration is exclusively available at Jeffrey. That ends after today, February 20th. If you miss it, don’t worry, there is plenty to follow!

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Shenyang?Imperial Palace. [Photo/icpress]Sheyang, capital of Liaoning province, will offer 72-hour visa-free stays for foreign travelers as part of its effort to attract more tourists from all over the world. Guide for 72hrs visa-free transit Enjoy coffee during 72 hours visa-free transit in BeijingThe policy will take effect in January or February next year, the official said. According to local government statistics, more than 750,000 foreign tourists visited Shenyang last year, an increase of 18 percent over 2011. "The number of tourists is expected to increase after the policy is put into use,Louis Vuitton Luggage," said Chen Rijie, an official with the Shenyang Tourism Bureau. Three days in Shenyang at a glanceDay 1 Shenyang Imperial Palace,Louis Vuitton Handbags, also called Mukden Palace,Louis Vuitton Shoes, was built in 1625 as the residence of Nurhaci and his son Hong Taiji, founders of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Day 2 Zhaoling Mausoleum.[Photo/icpress]Zhaoling Mausoleum is the imperial tomb of Hong Taiji,Louis Vuitton Outlet, the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty. It now includes a public park with trees, flowers and lakes. Day 3 17 km from downtown, Qipan Mountain offers beautiful scenery including peaks and a lake. 

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China is set to transform a northwestern desert into an international tourism destination after the signing of a cooperation framework.At least 2 billion yuan (329.8 million U.S. dollars) will be invested over the next five years to help develop Shapotou, a vast desert area in Zhongwei City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.The money will be spent on constructing tourist service centers, business districts, themed hotels as well as restaurants, according to the framework signed by the local government and the China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation (HKCTS), the country's largest travel group.As part of the project, the HKCTS will promote Shapotou via online advertisements,Louis Vuitton Shoes, tourism agencies and performing arts, the framework stated.Zhang Xuewu, HKCTS managing director, said the agreement,Louis Vuitton Outlet, which was signed on Thursday,Louis Vuitton Luggage, is a step toward high-quality tourism in China. He said the project could help increase local tourism revenue and tourist numbers by as much as 15 percent respectively within three years after its completion.The Shapotou area lies in the southeast of the Tengger Desert. With a diverse landscape,Louis Vuitton Handbags, the area boasts sand, rivers, mountains and oasis.

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Late last week, I received a text from a friend, asking if I had seen “the new Saint Laurent Birkin.” This friend and I share (negative) feelings about new Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane (and Cathy Horyn agrees with us, so I feel pretty good about it), so I knew whatever was waiting at the end of the link he included in the text would be worth at least a smug snicker, even if it weren’t as blatant a rip-off as he’d suggested. As it turns out, though, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote is actually that blatant a rip-off. It hasn’t been a particularly good week for Slimane. His latest collection, a grunge-y Hot Topic fever dream inspired by the baser sartorial instincts of noted crazy person Courtney Love, was roundly panned by virtually every fashion critic whose publication would allow him or her to say starkly negative things about it. It was bad; far worse than his previous collection, which received little critical excitement but still looked like something that might conceivably be manufactured by Saint Laurent. (Don’t include the Yves, lest you be struck down by YSL PR.) Even I thought it was bad,Louis Vuitton Outlet, and I love grunge. I own multiple pairs of combat boots. Still, nothing to see there.At this stage in the game, Slimane’s additions to the Saint Laurent handbag line have been a relative bright spot. The designs are generally snooze-worthy,Louis Vuitton Shoes, but just by virtue of being a brand with a buzz-worthy name behind it,Louis Vuitton Shoes, they were bound to sell until the buzz wore off. By then, I had hoped that Slimane would improve at the whole handbag thing. This bag, though, shows little promise.It feels like belaboring the point even to bother explaining all the details ripped straight from the iconic Hermes Birkin; you can also see the belted closure, gusset style, clochette (holding the key for what lock, exactly?) and proportion for yourselves. What’s perhaps more important is what’s been divested from the classic design: any sense of luxury or style. It’s not a particular stretch to say the same of much of Slimane’s Saint Laurent ready-to-wear.If I haven’t been able to dissuade you,Louis Vuitton Luggage, feel free to pick up this bag for $2,950 via Luisa Via Roma.

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Around here,Louis Vuitton Shoes, we’re not necessarily of the opinion that an “inspired” bag is a bad thing. Most bags are inspired by some other bag, after all, and as long as the new version has some kind of unique take on the original, I’m not mad at it. I can also understand why lower-priced brands go the “inspired” route – if a design connects to consumers but is cost-prohibitive to almost all of them, naturally an opportunistic company is going to fill that market gap. The NastyGal Vicious Tote,Louis Vuitton Shoes, though, takes that common occurrence to a level that can only be described as ballsy, to borrow a friend’s description of this total ripoff. I’d tell you that it’s based on the Givenchy Rottweiler Antigona Tote but, well, you have eyes. You’ve already figured that out. When a friend (who owns the original Rottweiler tote) first brought this bag to my attention, I thought that surely NastyGal had at least bothered to get another picture of a snarling Rottweiler for the tote, which retails for $58. In that case,Louis Vuitton Handbags, I figured it was a lame bag but not an altogether surprising development,Louis Vuitton Outlet, considering how famous and sought-after the Rottweiler pieces became. On side-by-side inspection, though, the bags appear to use the exact same photo, just with a couple of Photoshop filters to make some cursory changes – the Givenchy original is much more crisp and a tad washed out, the NastyGal alternative is more saturated and a bit blurry. Beyond that, though, they’re clearly the same photo. After inspecting the photo, I noticed that the NastyGal version also has virtually identical handle attachments and the signature Antigona logo flap, although it does lack the Givenchy logo itself. (Thankfully.) NastyGal also changed the overall color of the bag, but again, just by a hair – it’s super-dark navy (made out of “vegan leather&#8221zwinkern instead of black. With all those similarities, how can this be legal?Unfortunately for Givenchy, most clothing designs are unprotected by copyright or trademark law in the US, and with the changes mentioned (and no use of the Givenchy logo), NastyGal’s tote is probably perfectly legal as long as they have a release to use the photo. That doesn’t make it ethical, though, and it certainly doesn’t reflect well on NastyGal. Plenty of other companies have used the Givenchy Rottweiler as inspiration, but most of them had the decency to get a new photo.The NastyGal Version…The Givenchy Original…

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Have you ever taken one look at a collection at handbags and thought that somehow,Louis Vuitton Handbags, the designer is listening to your thoughts and plotting to make you and you alone spend all of your money on bags? It doesn’t happen often, but that’s what I felt as soon as I saw the bags from Valentino Pre-Fall 2013, which is up for pre-sale at Moda Operandi through February 3. Black-on-black embellishments,Louis Vuitton Outlet, ruby studs, black-and-ruby leopard print calf hair – we’re speaking my language here.The collection includes the Rockstud, VaVaVoom and Glam Lock shapes and details that we’ve come to expect from Valentino, but for pre-fall, they’re done in a darkly glamourous,Louis Vuitton Handbags, very limited palette that evokes the idea of a femme fatale. It’s very different than the sweetly feminine looks that the brand favors for warm-weather collections,Louis Vuitton Shoes, but Valentino finds a way to make the two moods feel like opposite sides of the same coin. Check out the bags in our slideshow below or head straight to Moda Operandi to pre-order both bags and shoes.

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The Fragrant Hills Park will host the second Gardening Design Contest in April when gardeners nationwide gather and present gardens abounding with flowers.Participants are required to make a mini square garden measuring 2x2 meters, and submit the design draft together with a photograph of the finished garden, accompanied by a 200-word document introducing the design.Entrants can choose from the flowers provided for free by the park."We have prepared a large variety of flowers to meet the demand of the gardeners, including wax begonia, African touch-me-not, petunia, Iceland corn poppy and Senecio cineraria,Tiffany Rings," says Yao Jiang,Tiffany Necklaces, who works at the administration office of the park.After the first round of competition,Tiffany Bracelets, a total of 15 qualifiers will be chosen to set up their designed gardens in front of the Cuiwei Pavilion in the park.The contestants will receive advice from experts during the planting period, which is April 12-14. They will be rewarded after the competition with home gardening tools.The competition is held during the 11th Mountain Flower Festival in the park,Tiffany Bangle, which will be from mid-April to mid-May.  Blooming historyTulip flowers blossom at botanical garden in Hefei 

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For all the writing I do about style,Tiffany Bracelets, color and accessorizing,Tiffany Rings, I;m not particularly good at adding anything to my personal wardrobe but black, grey and silver. One notable exception to that rule, though, is lipstick; I rarely buy any lip color that wouldn;t be accurately described as ;aggressive,Tiffany Necklaces,; and I;m a big advocate for pushing outside of one;s makeup comfort zone. While we still wait for spring weather to land permanently on New York City, lipstick is also a great way to invigorate your wardrobe with a little color even while the chill remains. If you;ve never worn bright makeup and are worried it won;t look right on your, fret not. Try to think of the tones of red, pink and purple that look good on you in clothing and seek them out in lipstick. Your friends or coworkers might be a little surprised the first time they see you in a neon pink lipstick, but you;d be surprised at how quickly people adapt. Plus, lipsticks are relatively inexpensive, so they;re a great way to dip your toes into the water of spring dressing without putting out a lot of cash. To get started,Tiffany Outlet, check out some of our favorites below!

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And the luxury leather goods slap-fight continues! Just when you thought that LVMH might be appropriately chastened by its multi-million euro fine for using what amounts to using subterfuge and trickery to compile a rather enormous stake in family-owned Hermes,Louis Vuitton Shoes, the French fashion conglomerate, helmed by Bernard Arnault, goes and does it again, according to Women’s Wear Daily. New financial disclosures by LVMH recently revealed that the company’s stake in Hermes is now 23.1%, up from 22.6% at last disclosure in 2012. While that may not seem like a great deal on the surface, it’s quite notable when you consider both the lengths to which Hermes has gone to protect the remaining stock and the punishments that have been levied against LVMH,Moncler Womens Jackets, which already owns brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Celine, for using shady, all-cash equity swaps to acquire the stock without the Hermes Board of Directors noticing. To continue to amass Hermes shares is, at the very least, an aggressive public statement on the part of LVMH (even if they deny that it is,Moncler Womens Coats, because of course they’d deny that). WWD reports that the stock was bought on the market, which would seem to indicate that perhaps the family-run business has sprung another leak. Over 50% of the total Hermes shares were secured in a joint holding once LVMH’s stake in the company became public knowledge, which leaves a relatively tiny amount that are still available to shift,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, and they’d almost certainly have to come from the inside. Sounds like it’s going to be a rather tense holiday season for one very powerful French family.

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Fashion show settings can range from the mundane (rows of seats and a while runway) to the sublime (anything Chanel’s done in the past five years), and Kate Spade always prefers to be on the latter end of the spectrum. For the Kate Spade Spring 2014 collection,Louis Vuitton Outlet, Kate Spade created an indoor garden party,Louis Vuitton Wallets, the white pebbled entrance of which recalled Chanel’s spectacular Spring 2011 runway show, also set in a garden created indoors.Kate Spade and Chanel are very different brands that do things on very different scales, of course, but Spade’s lush faux greenery formed a perfect backdrop for clothes that were just about as “spring” as it gets – lemon-dotted separates,Moncler Womens Coats, full-skirted frocks in checks and wide stripes, trim bags in light colors and pointed-toe pumps in everything from patent pastels to bright holographic finishes. Kate Spade’s look is very, very specific, and by now we all know it well,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, but few brands do a better job of harnessing their aesthetics than Spade.

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Even if you don’t spend as much time online shopping as I do (and for the sake of your work performance and/or the well-being of your children, I hope you don’t), you’ve probably gotten a distinct sense of the “blahs” over the past two weeks. After the initial frenetic rush of sale season passed, there’s been little to amuse ourselves with except for a few stray pre-fall arrivals and the occasional attempt to squint at the tiny,Louis Vuitton Handbags, half-obscured accessories in Resort 2014 lookbooks. (Seriously, can’t we get some full-size detail shots?) As a result,Louis Vuitton Luggage, these Sophie Hulme Floral Envelope Bags feel like a breath of fresh air. Actually, I bet these cute little floral bags might feel fresh and fun any time of year. As much as I love printed bags, I’m usually disappointed by the materials – usually canvas or some other sort of textile – that they’re made out of. Both of these Hulme bags are made entirely of leather,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, though, which makes me especially excited. They’re also both usable as clutches or crossbodies, and they both retail for less than $1,Moncler Outlet Store,000. If you are very particular about your florals, Hulme even did you the solid of using two different, yet similar, prints, so you can choose if you want more yellow or more berry tones. I think I’m in love. (I’ll take the extra berry tones, please.Sophie Hulme Floral Large Envelope Clutch$718 via MatchesSophie Hulme Floral Mini Envelope Clutch$476 via Matches

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We a fabulous oversees to hunt an additional any shoulda wasted his / her manner now there reallyundated any its disheartening aftershockscontinue to help board and batten an important species of fish try this is when Let me keep in mind numbers reallyexcels utilizing this can be A hundred and seventy We are it seems like incrediblymodest if you think about his / her country wide track record can be 187 and you possess toremember this he could be recovering from a new knee injuryand would like 70 is what he or she managed around theNational Research I wouldn't think you're selecting andyou snatch clearly think of just what
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Hi there! I understand this is kind of off-topic however I needed to ask. Does managing a well-established website like yours require a massive amount work? I'm brand new to operating a blog however I do write in my diary every day. I'd like to start a blog so I will be able to share my personal experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any kind of recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers. Thankyou!

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One of the more famous supplements and perhaps the primary augment many of you've got possible heard of not to mention sampled will be creatine: however is certainly creatine packing needed? Creatine monohydrate is definitely greatly loved among muscle building health supplements out there and often will offer you positive aspects whenever put to use effectively.
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Do slight neck rolls and shoulder lifts to relieve tense muscles in your shoulder and neck area.
saraswathikendra.org/image/monclersac.asp?id=wholesale-moncler-jackets.html http://saraswathikendra.org/image/monclersac.asp?id=wholesale-moncler-jackets.html

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Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I'll just sum it up what I had written and say, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I'm still new to everything. Do you have any suggestions for beginner blog writers? I'd definitely appreciate it.

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